Dick Lisson Photos
Dick Lisson rode solos and outfits on the road and Speedway. Below are some photos of Dick's career in Sidecars on Speedway in Sydney. Photos courtesy of Dick and his son Rod.
Dick Lisson & Peter Downie - Sydney Showground Speedway - 1957
Dick Lisson and Peter Downie.
Sydney Showground - 1957.
Sydney Showground - 1957.
Thanks for sharing your photos Dick..thanks Rod.

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Dick also had a drive of the Mackay Holden # 66 midget at The Royale.( #66 was the ex Frank Brewer 48  Ford V860 - and the Werner Greve Holden 13 - the car was driven as 13 by John Harvey for Don Mackay)
The late Don Mackay was Dick Lisson's Uncle.