This webpage is made up of some of the pictorial memories from the Speedway and motor racing career of Australian Sidecar Rider   - Ern Hughan.
Ern started out his Speedway career as passenger for Graham Grainger in the mid 1940s. He also rode passenger for Graham at Mt Panorama Bathurst and other road venues . Ern went on to be a top Sidecar rider , riding in later years for and with the great Jim Davies .  Thank you to Graham's son Bryce for visiting Ern in the Northern Territory and recieving permission from Ern to show these photos from his collection.
Photos not necessarily in chronological order.
Ern in 1949.
Graham Grainger (rider) Ern Hughan (passenger) Sydney Sports Ground Speedway.
Bill McDougall & Ern.
Cec Proudman with Ern as passenger.
Ern ( riding) and Bill McDougall lead Ray Thompson.
Ern and Bill come down at the Sydney Sportsground.
Ern with passenger Keith Harrington.
Ern with Bill McDougall( pass.)  at Rowley Park - South Australia.
Bluey Barnes - Ern Adlam & Ern - Bull Pens turn Sydney Showground.
Ern with Frank Charnock - Sydney Sportsground.
Ern and Frank lead Al Adlam at the Sportsground.
Ern with Keith Harrington (Pass.) at The Royale.
Ern and Keith Harrington at Cumberland Oval - Parramatta.
Ern with Merv Dowling (Pass.) - Cumberland Oval.
Ern with Merv at Westmead Speedway - Merv lost his life in a crash at the Sydney Showground Speedway on 9th. March 1957.
Ern with his first passenger - Noel Armitage.
Ern with passenger Ray Dole at The Royale.
Ern and Ray Dole.
Ern with passenger Reg ' Reckless' Greenhalgh.
This is the first page of the Ern Hughan Collection- lots more to come.