Fred Scully, pre WWII midget builder and racer, turned to Sidecars after the war. Below are some pictorial memories of Fred and his fellow competitors,  sent to us to enjoy by his son, Bruce.....Thank you Bruce.
Fred Scully and his 3rd self constructed midget. Fred first drove midgets at Maitland in 1936 and drove this car at a later date after WWII at the Sydney Sports Ground Speedway.
Son Bruce still has the steering wheel of this old car.
The midget was built with a 1939-40  A model Ford engine, a George Beavis cam, George Beavis 2 speed box, a Campbell manifold, a Muller's radiator, a Winfield carburettor and had magneto ignition.
Jim Davies with Fred Scully - Jack Carruthers and Bob Nickerson
Fred, infield in the midget at the Sydney Sports Ground Speedway.
Len Holliday & Fred Scully - Australian Championship - Sydney Showground
Jack Clarke & Jack Carruthers.
Fred Scully and Jack Carruthers.
Davies & Scully - Carruthers & Nickerson
Davies and Scully - 1948
One of the wrecked outfits.
L to R : Gus Limond, Len Holliday, Scotty Sunderland, Fred Scully.
Carruthers & Nickerson.
Len Holliday & Fred Scully  HRD - 1948 - Sydney Sports Ground.
Davies & Scully - Brisbane - 1948
Len Holliday with Fred Scully on the Holliday outfit running a 4 valve alloy headed Rudge engine - Newcastle - 1948
Chook Hodgekiss - Norm Bristow- Len Hollday - Peter Flynn - Newcastle 1948.
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