Graham Grainger - a Sidecar rider both on road and Speedway in the late 1940 and mid 1950s. 
Graham rode at Mt Panorama Bathurst from 1948 to 1955 inclusive except for 1951.  Photos courtesy of Graham's wife Annie Grainger.
Thanks to Jim Scaysbrook ( Old Bike Australia magazine )  for additional information. 
Bill Eberling with new HRD. 
Bill Eberling - Graham Grainger.
Bill Eberling - Graham Grainger.
Graham and Fred Dolsen on J.A.P. 1000 outfit -  Bathurst - 1954.
Graham and Fred Dolsen on J.A.P. 1000 outfit 1954.
Graham with Bill Eberling ( Pass.) 
Graham with Ern Hughan (Pass.) 1934 AJS.- at St Marys.
The 1000cc J.A.P. outfit.
The 1000cc J.A.P. outfit.
Graham with Ern Hughan on the grid on # 93 . G.Skinner on # 91.
#93 Graham and Ern on # 93. Don Mc Donald Norton # 94.
Late 1940s Graham and Ern on the Rudge Speedway outfit.
 Tempe NSW
1948 - Graham and Ern - Sydney Sportsground Speedway.
1948 - Graham and Ern - Sydney Showground Speedway.
Graham Grainger and Ern Hughan - Sydney Sportsground and Cumberland Oval Parramatta.