John 'Tiny' Maley, a sidecar passenger for Doug Tyerman for 7 years has
shared some of his memories with us here on Just Sidecars - Thanks John.
Doug and John photographed after winning the 1961 season pointscore at the Royale.
The start of the 1964 NSW Sidecar Championship Final, which Doug and John won. Lto R: Doug Robson & Rob Lewis, Doug Tyerman & John Maley, Ern Hughan & Keith Harrington & Bill Bingham & Ray Murray
John Maley, Doug Tyerman receive their NSW Sidecar Final trophy. John Sherwood on right.
Mick Michael & John Maley
Mick Michael and John on the Magnus Vincent at the Royale.
Doug and John at Westmead Speedway.
Doug Tyerman & John with Bob Levy & Ray Murray on the outside
on the Bingham bike
Maurie Ford with Col Denny, Doug Tyerman & John, Jude Sanderson & Gudge Riley.
Geoff Grocott & Peter White, Doug Tyerman & John, Eric Davies
& Greg Wilkey.
Doug Tyerman's ex Mick Michael Triumph outfit.
Thanks for those great photos and memories John.
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