The late Don Newell, a very successful midget driver of the 1960s, known for his little Hillman roadster midget # 30 and also for his drives in the Don Mackay owned # 5 Holden ' Chrome Hardening Special ' has shared some pics with us from his Speedway collection...Don passed away suddenly in 2007.
A big thanks to Doug Robson for some of the IDs.
Bill Bingham and Jack Bissaker.
Jack Bissaker, Jack lost his life in a midget at the Royale on 21.10.1961.
' Clacker ' Levy & Charlie Moran.
Jack Helback on a twin J.A.P.
Jim Davies and Doug Tankhard
Jack Kemp at Cumberland on an Triumph twin.
' Clacker ' Levy and Charlie Moran.
' Chook ' Hodgekiss at the Sydney Sports Ground Speedway.. We lost Chook on the 3.3.2006.
Don Little and Billy Bingham. Don lost his life in a crash at Carina Speedway, Bundaberg, Qld. 
on the 9.10.1966. 
  Len Holliday with Fred Scully inside Jack Clarke at The Sydney Royale.
Bert Martin & Ray Dole on the Harley at the SSG.
Ern Steward at the Royale
Peter Speerin on the Jack Curruthers HRD.
Ern Adlam, brother of Al.
Doug Robson brings up the rear at  Windsor RSL Speedway.
Cumberland, Parramatta action.
 Billy Bingham and Jack Bissaker. 
Chook Hodgekiss.
Chook Hodgekiss on full noise at Newcastle Showground.
A big thanks to the late Don Newell for sharing these great pics with us on Just Sidecars.
Brian ' Bluey ' Barnes at rear.
John  ' Skinny ' Linegan
Nearest the fence is Jack Crowhurst.
Sid Hopping inside Bill Bingham & Arthur Lincoln at Westmead.
Jack Carruthers.