Bert Martin, one of Australia's top Sidecar riders in the 1940 s to 1960s.
Possibly the only rider to ride a Harley twin right throughout his racing career.
Bert's daughter Kerry has kindly shared these photos with us of her Dad during his colourful and very successful racing career -...thank you Kerry.
Bert, the Harley twin and passenger Ray Dole.
Bert and passenger win a portable radio.
Bert ( right) and mates in a novel parade car.
'Clacker' Levy inside Bert on the Bullpens corner at the Sydney Showground.
Bert and the Harley at the Royale.
Paul Mulligan drives Bert in the Empire Speedways Jeep on a victory lap at The Royale.
Bert (centre) at Rowley Park Speedway - S.A.
Bert and passenger at the Brisbane Ekka.
An early pic at the Sydney Sports Ground Speedway - late 1940s.
Another win for Bert and passenger.
.........and another.
Doug Robson helps out with twisted outfit at the Royale.
Bert runs the outside at The Royale - Pit turn.
Bert outside 'Clacker' Levy - Sydney Sports Ground Speedway.
Bert runs the Pole line - Pit turn - the Royale.
Bert over - at Cumberland Oval - Parramatta - NSW.
Bert up high at the Sydney Sports Ground.
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